Welcome To B/A Accounting

Businesses that want to stay in business are well aware that they must understand the financial health of their company, but financial analysis is not in most small businesses owners' training.

After income and disbursements are recorded, what do the numbers mean besides whether or not you have money in the bank? When the books and summarize in report form profit and loss and expenses, we want to be accountants who can tell you what the figures mean. We are the people that the owner can depend on to help in controlling of their company's future. We are the people who can help you understand your financial situation.

What's Here?

Though I am under construction, I do have information on this web site.

Under "News You Can Use," new Regs regarding the business use of cell phones by employees for the employer.

Also new minimum wages rates that are effective July 24, 2009 are in the payroll area of this site.